1.Supported Housing Training

This course has been designed to provide trainees with thorough knowledge and the essential skills required to best support the needs of vulnerable people in our communities. The course provides an excellent opportunity for progress and promotion in the Housing, Care and Support professions.

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Who should attend?

The programme sets a level of good practice for the development of all kinds of people to meet individual and organisational needs. You should be interested if:

  • You have a passion for contributing to the support of vulnerable people
  • You are new to Supported Housing
  • You have some experience but minimal formal training
  • You are unemployed seeking a career in Supported Housing
  • You are a voluntary worker who wants to gain paid experience

Training Methods Used

The course is down to earth in its approach and practical in its objectives; sessions are lively and thought provoking, using– lectures, workshops, group discussions, formal presentations, applied use of case studies and problem-solving activities.

We hope to provide trainees not only with ideas for discussion, but also with a list of action points to prepare for a wide range of situations.

What will be covered?

  • The general structure of Supported Housing
  • Groups of vulnerable people and their needs (Mental Health, Homelessness, Drugs/Alcohol Abuse and Learning Difficulties etc.)
  • Types of housing 
  • The Housing Acts (Rent arrears, Voids, Maintenance, Tenure and possession procedures)
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Community Care Act 1990 (Motivating tenants, Tenant’s participation and representation, Move-on and resettlement)
  • Welfare Benefits, Education & Training
  • Health & Safety
  • Protection of Vulnerable Adults Awareness
  • Job Hunting Tips – including CV writing
  • Role Plays (to practice putting your newly honed skills into action)

Our course outline and approach has given our trainees the skills and knowledge needed to best support vulnerable individuals in our community, meeting and exceeding sector expectations. At the end of the course, we award a certificate to successful trainees.

Depending on candidate preference – ad-hoc, contract and temporary placements into various specialist projects within Supported Housing may be offered.

Acquire the skills to develop your career and make a valuable contribution to your community.

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